You Think you know Me, huh?

Friday, November 19, 2004

Poof - Dere it Is

Hey…once again … Um…Just telling you there is going to be a SLIGHT change in my Appearance. My hair is no longer the same old blonde boring hair it used to be.
-smiles evilly- Now it is crimped, wavy, poofy, and very very sexay might I add.
Here’ what people have said about it :

Rob : It looks hott.. wear it like that everyday
Kat: ha ha kenzie I like the poofyness
Amanda: Luff it
Kate: Wow…Its…Poofeh

I guess those are good?...Right??
Well anyway, Gonna go do something stupid – Luff yah- ( most likely) KenZie

School, 2:20, StudyHall, Last Period

Hey, Kenzie here…AGAIN…Im at school and its last period on this Wonderfully Horrible Friday. OH JOY..Today we get report cards…Im just soo Excited for I know that most of my grades will probably be the worst they can possibly be. I might go to the Morris JV game tonight so Catch meh there or I might be BabySittin….Call me tonight, 263-5568, I haf caller ID so If I No like you…I no answer…

Well..better go do something “ Productive” as the librarian says…EUH…Bye -Kenzie


-yawns- Mornin....
talking to craig....
Craig, I luff u so much...I wish I didnt have to move either....
Theres like nothing to say but I love you and miss you soooo much...
Hopefully we'll be able to hang out some more before I leave...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hows Kenzie Now?

Hey there Person...Im Kenzie...Which you should know ;-D
As u may know, i've been banned from AIM so Im just making this blog thingy so u can keep in touch with meh and know whats happening in my life since we dont talk that much anymore...
Well to start things off...


*Banned From Aim
*Banned from social life (basically)
*Bad grades
*Moving to stuck up old Mountain Lakes
*Moving with mom's Stuck up old Boyfriend

Anyway, I'll post more often after I get the hang of this Thing , - Love you